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Fusion Finish Bathtub ResurfacingBathtub Refinishing is an affordable option instead of replacing the old. In most cases the surface can look brand new in the matter of one day. Just as important as looking new the fixture will last becase the new surface applied using the Fusion Finish system is actually chemically welded not on to but into the old surface. The Fusion Finish process is completed by a dual process of etching combined with molecular bonding agents it is then finished by baking the new surface into the old. Fusion Finish has successfully refinished thousands of Bathtub Refinishing in Dallas over the past two decades right here in Plano. The best part is Bathtub Refinishing is now a permanent solution. In Past years Bathtubs, Tile and Showers were only painted with Epoxy paint and these works of art were designed specifically for the Apartment communities. With the advancement in Technology of today's coatings such as synthetic porcelain with additives like liquid glass and fiberglass resin this has made the new surface an integral part of the old surface with Bathtub refinishing now expected to last about thirty yearsreglazing

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